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Warwick Canoe Website

The Warwick Canoe website was a joint project, aiming to modernise the Warwick Canoe and Canoe Polo website, improving the online presence and provide enhanced functionality to the club.

Warwick Canoe Website

The Warwick Canoe website was originally made in 2005 and had not been substantially changed since, as such I embarked on a project with two others to modernise and re-create the website in the Lockdown Summer of 2020.



There were a number of requirements to satisfy for the new website, the main requirements were:

A robust login system

The ability to create sign ups for trips

A place for News/Announcements

Easily able to create and change pages

A place for Exec Meeting Minutes

The website was written from scratch with a view of being maintable, along with documentation being produced to enable the handover of the project to the next exec members. Overall the project was a sucess with a large number of new features, mobile optimisation and no loss of functionality, the website has also proven to be more resilient under load and more secure.