This is a continuation of my previous project: Using a BT Hub as a Wireless Extender


When we upgraded our broadband to BT Infinity we were sent the new “BT Smart Hub” and despite having “More advanced antennas” and a whole host of other features it still wouldn’t reach all the way through the house. I had my BT Hub 3 working as a wireless extender and it worked well, however since it was a different network I found that my phone was switching between the networks and interrupting anything I was doing on the internet, also if we had guests round, we would have to give them two Wi-Fi passwords… No good!

When the Smart Hub arrived and I set it up, I decided to replace the BT Hub 3 with the BT Hub 5, I followed the same guide as last time, turning off DHCP, changing the IP address. However this time I changed the SSID and wireless key of  the Hub 5 to match the SSID of the new Smart Hub. As if like magic it started working, now we have the Smart Hub handling one side of the house and the Hub 5 handling the other side.

The system just works, the device you use will automatically connect to the strongest of the two Wi-Fi signals and if the other becomes stronger, the device will just switch over to the other network seamlessly, also if you connect to one of the networks, you will be able to connect to the other without putting in another password, no more “Here’s the password if you’re staying in this room, but if you go in that room you will need this one.”

Unfortunately this wasn’t possible with the BT Hub 3 running stock firmware since it wouldn’t allow me to change the SSID and therefore I couldn’t change it to match the Hub 5, however if you did want to do this with a Hub 3, you would need to change the SSID of the Hub 5 to match the Hub 3.