I’ve always been fascinated by the Raspberry Pi, it amazes me how they managed to fit so many possibilities into such a small computer. I first bought my Raspberry Pi in January 2015. Ever since I bought my Pi I’ve wanted to make a robot out of it, so I bought a chassis kit from the internet which came with motors, wheels and the chassis, I then bought an L298N H-Bridge in order to control the motor.

In order to help me building the robot I followed an excellent tutorial made by sentdex on YouTube called Robotics and the Raspberry Pi.

I found the tutorial really easy to follow and eventually I ended up with my very own robot.

I was really happy with my robot, but I wanted to do more, so after some research I found an open source program called Jasper. Jasper is an open source voice control software, it enables you to speak to your Raspberry Pi and have it talk back to you! While setting it up I ran into a problem where the Pi would outright refuse to output audio, I eventually found that this was because I had two sound cards in the system, one to power the microphone and the other which was the sound card built into the Pi, this meant when trying to use Raspi-config to force audio out of the 3.5mm jack it was trying to modify the settings of the other sound card, therefore throwing up an error. In order to solve the problem I had to use alsamixer to identify the different sound cards and then type the command to force audio out of the 3.5mm jack manually and then my robot was given the gift of voice, albeit very robotic voice!

I’ve now added some distance sensors and made my robot autonomous, you can see it here.