I have been a member of Bishops Own Explorers since 2014 and a member of Scouts since I joined Beavers in 2005. While I was in explorers they wanted to create a website for themselves to have an online presence. I volunteered to create the website, I was provided with a domain and hosting so I decided to install WordPress and get to work! I love WordPress for website hosting since I find it so easy to make a really good website, but most importantly it’s easy for someone with little experience to edit the website, it’s no use if you have a website but you can’t edit it!

I was asked to create a site with pictures of our adventures as the background, a twitter feed, links to our social media and the ability to host downloads such as forms on the site. I used the Bishops Own Flickr Account to generate the background since it generated a collage of our most recent photos. I used the Twitter widget available from Twitter, then embedded the HTML code into the sidebar to create the twitter feed, finally I created a category of Blog posts called “Downloads” and linked this to a custom page since this would make it easier to create new downloadable files.

If you would like to see the site, you can view it here